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Our Business Model

In traditional retail environments, companies regularly rely on relationships with suppliers who provide a specified type and quantity of products. In such instances, the retail establishment can carefully manage its acquisition of saleable products and can therefore quickly adapt its purchasing in response to shifting consumer demands. The inventory acquisition strategy employed by eQuip Collaborative differs in significant ways from this model of retail inventory acquisition.

eQuip Collaborative employs what we refer to as a “reclamation, re-distribution, and re-appropriation model” of inventory management. Rather than seeking out inventory streams based only upon a narrow conception of perceived profitability, we have made it our mission to enact the reclamation of undervalued products that are often viewed as liabilities to other individuals, organizations, or businesses. As our last four years in business have proven, books and other used media are regularly perceived as lacking value. At eQuip Collaborative we believe this kind of thinking is both wrong and short-sighted. And so we have grown our business concept in direct response to such misguided perceptions.

In order to realize profit from the kind of inventory we regularly acquire, we often need to engage in the creative and informed re-distribution of such items. It is common that a single individual, organization, or business does not possess the time, technical expertise, capital, or will to re-distribute such products in profitable ways. At eQuip Collaborative, we make it our mission to employ creativity, accumulated experience, and the benefits of the economies of scale to do precisely what our suppliers often cannot.

Even after wisely acquiring inventory and creatively re-distributing such products, we are regularly left with unsalable products. It is at this stage of our inventory’s life-cycle that the re-appropriation process begins. Through an on-going act of partnership involving industry specialists, engineers, artists, and consumers, we continually seek profitable ways of re-appropriating valueless stock in ways that transform it into something other than it was originally intended to be. Upon successfully engaging in the act of re-appropriation, we are able to leverage the accumulated competencies of the corporation to generate revenue from our newly re-claimed inventory.

An essential precondition for successfully employing our threefold “reclamation, re-distribution, and re-appropriation model” of inventory management is the existence of each of our three inter-related subsidiary entities. An overview of the primary functions of these entities readily demonstrates the strength of this integrated approach to our core business operations.

eQuip Books
1001 Franklin Ave
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Phone: 724.788.1747
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