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Online Division

More than either of the other two subsidiaries, eQuip Online will be responsible for making eQuip Collaborative a financially solvent corporation. Committed to delivering local products to a global community, eQuip Online will be the first destination for all inventory coming into our possession. Whether acquired through the recycling services provided by eQuip Exchange or through the buyback services offered through the eQuip Village Bookstore, all inventory items will first be vetted using state of the art software customized for our specific business needs. Items meeting our minimum qualifications will be retained for processing, cataloging, and listing in our active inventory database. After items are entered into our inventory, they will be shelved and retained until sold, at which time they will be located, pulled from the shelves, prepped for shipping, and packaged for delivery to the customer.

Important competitive advantages are available to the industrious online bookseller operating in today’s marketplace. The first advantage emerges as the direct result of the misconception described in the preceding paragraph. Believing books to be increasingly obsolete, many individuals and groups are willing to part with such items in record numbers. Also beneficial is America’s well-documented penchant for disposing of things quickly and without much forethought. Consistent with these realities, our recent experience demonstrates a growing access inventory at very low costs.

Additional competitive advantages for the online bookseller arise from the nature of the customer base made available through online marketplaces. Whereas a local bookstore is generally limited to selling products only to local customers, the resourceful online seller can operate a truly global operation with little more than a laptop computer at his or her disposal. Such increased exposure is a tremendous advantage for the online retailer. Whereas traditional brick and mortar retailers can generally only stock what sells quickly and in large quantities, the nature of a global marketplace allows for an online seller to retain uncommon or esoteric items and yet still be able to sell them fairly quickly for an acceptable profit. A local bookstore, for instance, cannot afford to stock tens of thousands of items that have limited local appeal. Such items would only sell very rarely and would simply take up space and resources. An online retailer, however, can intake precisely these kinds of items and will very likely turn a nice profit on them over time. Rather than selling 200 copies of the latest best-selling novel for a $2.00 profit, the online retailer might instead sell 50 different titles on less common topics, profiting $8.00 per sale. In many cases, therefore, the online retailer can sell fewer products to an increasingly diverse audience, yet can make equal or greater profit in the process.

Numerous other existing market conditions will be used to our advantage at eQuip Online. When considering the difference in overhead expenses between typical retail versus online operations, for instance, one discovers yet another competitive advantage available to the online retailer. Fancy displays, local advertising, traditional business hours, restroom maintenance—these types of expenses and more are generally not faced by the online retailer. Added to this is the existence of an extensive array of technological solutions—some of which we ourselves have created—that assist at nearly all stages of the acquisition, sorting, cataloguing, and shipping process. All of these make scaling one’s production very manageable, thereby further introducing all kinds of savings that an online business can gain by using economies of scale to their advantage. To mention such realities is to say nothing of the benefits realized by employing our own proprietary software, a proven tool for significantly out-performing numerous existing online retailers, most of whom are running profitable business even without the benefits of our software.

eQuip Books
1001 Franklin Ave
Aliquippa, PA 15001

Phone: 724.788.1747
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